7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

Do you have a new Alexa? It may be Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap. Amazon Echo has received a huge tribute since its launch last year.
7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo
7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

 It's important to know the new Smart Assistant features. This is how you can utilize it to all its benefits and use it as much as possible.

 The default Echos assistant, Alexa, can do a lot of amazing things for your leadership. Now, there are two ways you can use it. You can either waste your valuable time cheating on it or reading the most important benefits here.

Here we list the best 7 things you can do using Amazon Echo.

1. Contact your contacts

Amazon Echo returns traditional landlines to work. The Assistant allows you to call any number in your contact list.

 You can use your Alexa device to make a voice call to any of your contacts that also have a device. Additionally, you can even leave a message if the person is not responding. Currently, the plugin does not offer any option to block specific numbers.

2. Grab your meals and more

The echo is not limited to just placing orders on Amazon. You can now use Alexa to ask for other things as well. It includes a daily delivery system of two hours from Amazon. 

At present, the service is only available in selected cities and is suitable for items with daily needs and other household items. However, there are some cities where you can apply for food and even alcohol as well.

Plan your day

This is undoubtedly the supreme advantage. Yes, Alexa can help you plan your day. What? The smart, modern weather assistant tells you outside your home and around the world.

 Get a full overview of the day and a quick summary of the news around you.

 In addition, you can also check your list of tasks for the day. Using these features, you can plan and choose your clothes and events according to your schedule.

4. Make your home smarter

Amazon Echo can easily transform your home into a smart home. Alexa is equipped with a smart home gadget that allows you to master most of your home's smart operations.

 So, now with Alexa, you can turn on and off your lights and even change the colors of your lights.

 In addition, you can change your room temperature according to your preferences.

 Also, you can control all the door locks in your home easily. That's not all. Alexa can control anything intelligent in your home.

5. Read without reading

Alexa can help you "read" many books without having to read them. Another Amazon feature packed in Alexa is "Audible". 

Read the audio books for you while you're busy doing other things. Keep the book synchronized across different devices to let you start from where you left off at the last time.

 You can turn a book on, pause, resume, or rewind it for 30 seconds, and even pause to turn on or pause.

6. Play your choice of music

Alexa can play almost any music or song you feel in the mood. Although the default music player for Alexa is clearly the Amazon player, Amazon is not stubborn.

 Alexa lets you set your own music services like Spotify or other such applications.

 So, all you have to do is set your favorite music service as the default Alexa service, and you'll be ready to play and roll.

 Your assistant is smart enough to find your favorite music or song and run it from their catalog.

7. Make it do anything

Alexa communicates with many devices, but not all. There are quite a few devices incompatible with your Smart Assistant.

 But that does not mean you can not control it. You can train your assistant to do more. The feature that enables Alexa to connect to unsupported applications, devices and websites is called IFTTT. 

Although you can not control devices that are not supported by voice commands to Alexa, you can still program your assistant to perform multiple tasks using IFTTT.

These are our choices for the best things Amazon Echo can do for you. Apart from these, the helper has a large number of functions. You can identify them over a period of time using it. So, be smart, and get Amazon Echo.

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