How to get free Backlink for your articles

Backlinks: The word is divided into "links" and "Back" means "external". There are two types of links, "internal links" and "back links" and today we

How to get free Backlink for your articles 2019

We will learn together about the importance of links in the search engines, which is the infrastructure of search engines and one of the most important means used by Google in indexing the pages in its archive.

Agent Bot for search engines crawl sites and pages and analyze the contents of the contents of the HTML code and moves between the pages through the links and the same process again but once you go to the page and if an external link to a site on a page recognizes the link below and gives importance in The results of the search engines including this link considered by the search engine as a vote and reference reference useful to the visitor and the author of the subject put this reference to the strength of content and placed in the page, which strengthens this link in the search engines.

It was important to mention the types of links to help us understand the basics of building links to our site and after we know about external links and their importance we will use the tools that help us to work in getting external links to our site.

How to get free Backlink for your articles

1 - Earn links by paid ads:

 How do I gain links in a natural way and without the intervention of me in building links to my site and how to a new website on the Internet and Walid the moment is building links to refer to in other sites Is this logical?

It is a small accounting process if the number of readers is 100 per day, 100 visitors x 30 days, equivalent to 3,000 visitors per month. 

How do you build external links to your site monthly? 2000 or more. This is a serious mistake. The behavior of links comes from visitors who admire your article or Your content and one of the content of your content and the source said Will be so many? Compared to the number of your visitors will put yourself in the area of ​​doubt for search engines.

Here we put the first step that must be followed by the use of traffic or users to your site by another party, such as using a way to promote your site as a way to advertise with Google Adwords or Facebook or many companies that provide advertising services or can be used in another way but to be targeted and to be Users are interested in your domain.

And we will come here for example If we entered on a good site of the distinguished site brings together interesting articles in a professional way and if we enter and see the sources of visitors, for example, the site of alexa we will see the most sources of acquisition for users of the site from the sites of the Network Network and Direct Traffic or Display ads paid or referrals or by mail E-mail.

What we are talking about is the way to acquire links in a natural way "in the sense that users refer to your content if it is valuable"

2 - Spy on the links of your competitors:

It is one of the ways to overcome and gain links to your competitors and follow the links that are built by your competitors and seek to acquire such.

In this way we will use a tool to check the baccalaureate and, as mentioned above, we will use the alexa tool to check the baccalaureate. The alexa site is for checking the baccalaureate and the visual signal.

We will open alexa site and write the link of the page or domain that we want to follow the link to the competitor and we will see all the links "baccalaureate" of the competitor.

3 - Google Alert:

Use the Google Alerts service to search for a link building with strong relevance and high quality

We access the service link from here and sign up with Gmail.

After registering you can create more than one of several search words Google sends via email with links that carry the targeted word

If you are indexed in Google pages with titles or words in the content you speak about learning English as an example the best results will be sent to you via email on a daily basis or wherever you choose.

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