Make money with Facebook Groups

[Method] Make money with Facebook Groups

I know there are some lucky Facebook ads accounts with an option to target FB groups. But for the rest of us that are not so special, we have to do the extra work (totally worth it). 

Today I'm going to talk about two methods on how to collect Facebook pixel data from Facebook groups and show them ads with niche related products. 

I found this to be way easier to monetize compared to scraping emails and blasting or importing IDs and risk account ban.

We will get people in by providing value.

Let's start!


First, you have to find and join as many niche related groups as possible.

Method #1 

Simple steps:
1. Find content that you are sure your audience will like from big reputable websites (this is very important!). This way everyone knows the site, it won't look spammy, and you will avoid getting banned. The best that works are 'How to XYZ' guides.

2. Shorten the link from a popular site and capture everyone who clicked 
You need a URL shortener/link retargeting tool like PixelMe, Rocketlink, or Sniply to capture and retarget everyone who clicked on the link. These tools cost around $20/month but worth every penny. 

Facebook pixel → URL shortener → OnClick they get redirected to the popular site + pixeled

3. You can set up ads and retarget them right away = Profit $$$

It helps if you mention the site you are sharing in the text (Hi, I'm new to the group. I found this guide from 'popular niche website' about XYZ to be very helpful with XYZ).

Method #2

This one needs more effort because it can look spammy. Your video must be useful, engaging, etc. 

Simple steps:
1. Create a video post on your Facebook page
2. Hide the post from the group (we only want to collect an audience of people in groups who watched your video)
3. Share it into the group (respond to comments to increase engagement)
4. Create a custom audience on Facebook of people who viewed the video
5. Retarget video viewers with your offer = Profit $$$

You can potentially find a popular niche related video and upload it on your page, hide it and start sharing the post in groups. Not encouraging this, but this is BHW after all :D


Facebook Ads

Test two different objectives: 
1. Reach or/and Video Views 
2. Website conversions but optimize for impressions

Running ads will be cheap because this is YOUR custom audience, gathered completely by the book :)

Good luck!

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