What is good SEO and its impact on your site (SEO)

Today we will talk about SEO, there is a good SEO and there is a bad SEO, and if you do not know the difference between the two, you will waste money
What is good SEO and its impact on your site (SEO)

Today we will talk about SEO, there is a good SEO and there is a bad SEO, and if you do not know the difference between the two, you will waste money and time together. 

Today in this lesson we will talk about some tools to know the difference between good SEO and bad SEO. These tools can help you to determine your business. 

The information I provide to you in this article includes SEO tools that are very important to any website.

Sure you always wonder why there are no visits on your site ????
Or want to know what your competitors are doing in other sites !!!!!
First we will start by asking why good SEO is more important. And now from here we will begin

Why is good SEO important ?

We all know that all people are looking for what they need on the Internet If they do not find your site they will find sites rival to your site, Seo offers some technical and practical techniques that work to display your link in the first place in the search pages, which helps people to see the link to your site and then click on it and see what You are viewing and thus increasing traffic on your site and thus increase your profits on the Internet, and now I will explain some ways to measure all of these things that I mentioned earlier.

Good SEO is not magic but it is a fact that exists and we can feel its presence when we see some sites top the first rank always in the first search pages and therefore more people visit these sites.

What is SEO?

 Search Engine Optimization is a short term for Search Engine Optimization which is a set of different actions you do to improve the ranking of your site in search engines in certain keywords.

What is good SEO and its impact on your site (SEO)

Important terms


And the words that are used in the search, for example, if you search on the Google site for a technical site and I wrote "T-site technical site" (technical) This is a keyword

Search Engine Rank:

 And is the order of your appearance in the search engine Google or other in a certain semantic word and from a certain country, if the first site appeared in the first page in this case the order of your appearance is the number 1 and if the second site appeared in the first page, this is the order of your appearance 2 and so ..

Organic / Natural Search Results

And it is the results of unfunded search, ie they appear in the search engine because he found that it is the best to be the result of what you searched for.

Do Follow Volo Link:

The two types are Do Follow and Don’t Follow. Aldo Folo means that the site owner tells the search engine to follow this link

Conversion Rate

 Any balance of what you get from customers or purchase orders relative to what you get from visits

SEO Trading Tools

A good SEO is a set of small details that are the main factors of a good SEO, and some of these details are specific to the site itself such as:

  • Programming code
  • And servers
  • xml
  •  Maps
  •  Robots.txt file
  •  content
  • Links
  •  the main words

And so all these details if you make a big difference in the ranking of your site in the search engines. There are also some things related to off - site these things are difficult to control easily and this is not difficult, but because they need time and persistence, and there are tools for this work. You should use the right tool for the right job to make the work simpler and smoother.

Understanding seo

In order to understand SEO you do not need to study, but many people do some SEO work and sometimes all themselves, and their attempts have a noticeable effect in getting ranking in the first pages of search engines.

 You can read the SEO book from Google, a good book to understand the SEO well and apply some practices SEO. Off-site links are one of the most important factors in good SEO, that building links inside and outside helps you a lot in the application of good SEO and raise the ranking of your site in the global search engines.

How to check for links (Back Linux)

Links coming to your site from other sites. Links are the most important factor in Google's algorithm. Sites are all in one degree of equality but the difference between one site and another is the links coming from other sites and that these links are of high quality and that raise the ranking of your site in the search engines.

Confusion occurs when a lot of people about the background, high-quality background does not mean a link from any site, nor does it mean any kind of links, as the quality of the link makes a big difference to your site, that the next link from the image is good but better than the next link Of text, not any text but text related to the content and domain of your site. Any you must put links that benefit your site.

I will give you some sites from which you can get very good links to your site from these sites for example.

  •  Facebook
  • Twitter
  •  Ding

 And other famous sites which can give you incoming links to your site.

When writing a link you should provide useful information and not just stuffing useless words, as useful and valuable information encourages people to click on your website link.

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