How do I get rich? 16 Rich Habits

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How do I get rich?

 Tom Corley is a very famous writer, author, and lecturer in the field of wealth and money. He gave 16 tips on how to get rich, or rather how to avoid poverty:

1- Don't spend everything in your pocket every month

Rich people avoid spending all their money every month, but only spend 80% of their money and keep 20%. If you spend everything you get monthly or more, you must immediately reduce your expenses so that you keep a minimum of 10% of your income

2- read daily

No wonder all the wealthy people around the world spend part of their time reading. Knowledge and information is the new currency of this world. Knowledge always takes you one step ahead of your nearest competitor.

3- Spend less time surfing the internet and watching TV

We can generalize this advice to all the unhelpful business too. Tom Corley says that two-thirds of the world's richest people spend less than an hour a day watching TV, and 63% of them spend less than an hour surfing the Internet (unless it's related to the nature of their work) and instead spend They spend their time volunteering, reading and building relationships

4- Control your emotions

I have noticed this myself. The difference is very clear between a humble employee and a successful businessman in the way they deal with their emotions. Successful businessmen and managers respond better than others in times of disaster and economic recession. They know very well that word, decision and reaction make a big difference in such times.

5- Create relationships and volunteer continuously

The more relationships you form, the higher your chances of getting more clients, and the higher your chances of having mentors. It's simple.

6- Go to extremes in your current job.

Unsuccessful people always have a syndrome that Corley calls "it's not in my job description syndrome." When you start setting up your own business, you will be the accountant, manager, designer and HR. You will need every piece of information and every skill you learned in your history as an employee, so don't stick to your current job title too much.

7- Set goals, not wishes

The difference between a goal and a wish is that the first one seeks to achieve, but the wish wishes to be achieved, and the goals can be measured, developed and followed, but the wishes are just thoughts in the mind

8- Avoid procrastination

Successful people know very well that procrastination kills quality, the more you miss, the more opportunities you lose, the more you lose relationships

  • Make a daily to-do list and try to stick to it as much as possible or at least accomplish 70% of it
  • Set a deadline for all your tasks
  • I've talked at length about procrastination before here

9- Talk less and listen more

You must listen for 5 minutes for every minute you speak. Treat your sense of hearing as it is a tool for gathering information and advice, especially in the case of sitting with the most knowledgeable of you.

10- Avoid toxic characters

Rich people spend most of their time with rich people and vice versa, bankrupts always sit with broke people. Spend more time with rich people even if you serve them food

11- Don't give up

The nature of dealing with wealth and money requires you to focus, patience and perseverance, because you will simply fail a lot and will suffer painful injuries. If your skin is not thick, you will lose at the first confrontation.

12- Let go of the thoughts that keep you behind

The poor always say that the rich are bad or surely got their money illegally, or I am not as smart as they are, or I am not as lucky as them.

13- Get a mentor

93% of wealthy people credit someone who mentored them and learned from them. The function of the Mentor is to teach you and convey to you what he has learned from useful experiences and experiences

14- Remove the word “bad luck” from your dictionary

The poor always count their poverty on bad luck. Poverty, as Corley says, is habits and your habits that decide your destiny, not luck

15- Know your primary goal

If you don't want to be rich, you won't be rich. Rich people often love what they do. They are happy to spend hours a day doing things that make them richer.

16- Don't gamble

Gambling depends on luck and the rich don't let luck tamper with their goals

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