Modernshop Responsive eCommerce Blogger Template

Modernshop Responsive Blogger Template is the latest goomsite shopping template which has a very complete feature set. With a very clean look
Modernshop Responsive eCommerce Blogger Template

Modernshop What comes to mind when you first hear this name? It can be shopping and buying various goods. This is exactly what the Modernshop blog template will regularly deliver to you. For those who are into e-commerce or have online stores, a free blogger e-commerce template is available.

Modernshop is a blogger-friendly, lightweight e-commerce website template. On the main page, the design contains an automatic slider system where you can display your products to increase sales. Your blog page will gain more value and a classy look with a basic style and personality.

Modernshop is a fantastic theme with amazing responsive features that looks like a paid version. This is the best design for you if you want your blog page to look trendy, classy and unique.

Modernshop Templates Features

  1. Unlimited color theme
  2. Widget Basket
  3. Schema markup
  4. Widget layout version 2
  5. Similar product
  6. Widget menu notification
  7. Blogger Profile Popup Widget
  8. List of menu links
  9. Menu navigation
  10. Live search widget
  11. Widget search form
  12. Widget Label Products Dropdown
  13. Slider Widget Carousel Image
  14. Widget Label Product Image
  15. Social media widget
  16. Widget 5 columns footer
  17. Widget subscription email
  18. Whatsapp Live Chat Widget
  19. Easily publish a product (no HTML code)
  20. Custom Widget Layout
  21. SVG icon, FontAwesome and Ionicon
  22. Lazy loading image
  23. JavaScript jquery version 3.5
  24. Multi language
  25. Product Rating
  26. Widget suit Popular product
  27. Convenient settings template
  28. Can be used to write blog articles
  29. Support for currency change
  30. Place an order via whatsapp form
  31. Pay with Paypal
  32. Bank account and shipping widget icon
  33. Remove footer link in layout
  34. blogger comment
  35. Email support
  36. Support customized shipping
  37. And other features.

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