100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 1

100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 1

The success of an online project depends on the amount of traffic. And, as you know, there are not many. But how to ensure the maximum possible number of visitors, using various opportunities for this, i.e. How to attract traffic to the site from all available sources?

The most detailed instruction on how to attract traffic to the site from all possible sources! Presenting 100 real ways! part 1

I, Yuri Boshnikov, the founder of Studio iFish, the leading trainer of the Studio iFish Training Center and the Free 4-day training on creating sites from scratch. Today I will talk in detail about the formation of traffic. And I highly recommend adding this article to your favorites, because it contains all the tips, guided by which, you can ensure the maximum possible influx of customers to your website or social networking pages.
. The article contains paid and free methods of attracting traffic.

Having carefully studied my tips, try not just to remember them, but to keep them so that they are always at hand and you can always check whether you have learned the material correctly and if you apply it correctly in practice.

1. Traffic from Facebook

To ensure the flow of organic traffic to a page on a social network and your site, you must:

  • Be sure to publish links to articles from the site on your Facebook page.
Tip. The best option for such a placement, the effectiveness of which I was convinced from my own experience: an intriguing audience introduction, enticing photos, as well as a mandatory link to the full version of the article.

  • Check that the Facebook page and the tab where the project information is placed allow the user to get to the site with quality and useful articles.
  • It’s necessary to conduct several contests that involve likes of your page - this will allow you to distribute as much information as possible about your project among friends and subscribers of your readers. Which, in turn, will provide additional traffic to both the page and the site.
  • You should install the Facebook widget on the site itself - thereby you will make it more convenient for users. Now they can subscribe to a page on a social network without leaving the site and without wasting time looking for it.
  • When making a mailing list to your clients / readers, do not forget to add a link to Facebook in the text of the letter.
  • Constantly publish new posts, links on the page on Facebook.
  • On the site / blog, be sure to post Facebook links that are noticeable from the first visit.
  • In the lead magnets, place a link to the page on Facebook. (lead magnets include electronic books, descriptions of video posts, etc.).
How to attract paid traffic from Facebook?

Free methods of attracting traffic from a social network are effective and efficient, however, they will require a lot of time to achieve the desired goal. If you don’t have one, or if you just want to make a profit as quickly as possible, consider using Facebook’s paid resources.

The simplest method is the so-called Promoted Posts. The essence of this method is as follows:

  • post a note on the page with a link to your site;
  • then take the opportunity to "raise" the post.
Facebook gives you a choice of two types of audiences that you can influence:

  • user audience - you yourself in the process of targeting choose the audience to display;
  • Similar audiences are an incredibly cool tool for a social network, thanks to which users will be attracted, albeit not familiar to you, not subscribed to your page, but who are similar to your subscribers, that is, the audience you have already been involved.

2. Launch a stream of people from Instagram

Instagram is another social resource that allows you to attract constant traffic. To achieve this:

  • link your Instagram account with other social networks;
  • Place only the highest quality visual content;
Note. Success on Instagram directly depends on the quality of the visual content.

  • be sure to use thematic hashtags;
  • conduct contests, the terms of which include likes, reposts, marking friends as photos, etc., which will expand the audience of the page and, accordingly, the site / blog;
  • post at the time when your subscribers are most active;
  • In the description of your site, put a link to Instagram.

3. Traffic from video content via YouTube

After creating a channel on YouTube, be sure to ensure that subscribers and ordinary visitors to the page can easily go to your website / blog:

In the section "About the channel" place links to the site, social networks.
The same links should be to each description of the video.
To increase the flow of customers to the YouTube channel from the site’s pages, add videos to the articles.

4. Organic traffic from search engines Google and Yandex

Proper search engine optimization will provide about 50% of the traffic from the total volume of visitors. What is search engine optimization, how to ensure the effect of it, you can read in my thematic article.

But I will give some useful information and effective recommendations on this page.

1. You should identify approximately 20-30 basic search queries that will help potential site audience find your project among many similar ones.
2. All selected keywords should be inserted in the names of the sections, subsections.
3. Be sure to use them in articles, product descriptions, etc.

Note. Much depends on how high quality, interesting content you generate. It is important that visitors to your site want to share a link to the article. This will ensure an increase in link mass, which guarantees effective search engine optimization.

4. For promotion, use all the features of social networks in order to reach the largest possible audience.

5. Write guest posts for visited, reputable sites, be sure to insert in them links to a personal resource.

6. Generate only high-quality content, revealing in detail the selected topic in it, literally from "A to Z". The optimal article size should be at least a thousand words.

Note. The uniqueness of the articles! I hope you no longer need to explain how important this is?

5. Email or email marketing

Email is a real opportunity to constantly return visitors to the site. To do this, you need to send letters that contain:

  • useful information;
  • selling texts.
There are several ways to increase traffic through the mailing list:

  1. Send free useful information, the so-called lead magnets. How to create such lead magnets is a topic for a separate article.
  2. Create a form for email subscription on the site - it should be located on the main page of the site and be noticeable, although not annoying.
  3. One option for placing a subscription form is a pop-up window, but it should not be annoying. This option will not allow the visitor to leave the site "empty-handed": the user subscribes and receives in return a letter with useful information.
  4. Alternatively, a subscription form can be placed under each individual article on your website / blog.
  5. Perform periodic testing of the main elements of the subscription form (these can be calls to action, headlines, the placement of the form, and much more).
  6. You should build a trusting relationship with your subscriber - this is the topic of a separate article.
  7. You should not send the full article in a letter. Write an intriguing title and introduction, give a link to the full article published on the site, which ultimately motivates the user to go to your resource.

6. Content marketing gives the cheapest traffic.

The next direction in attracting traffic is content marketing.

  1. The title of the article should be so cool that the user will click on it. How to generate similar names? This should be discussed separately!
  2. Install buttons on the site that allow you to share articles on social networks without leaving the site page.
  3. Post links to articles on your personal page or project page on a social network.
  4. Write articles that will be appreciated by both the user and the search engine.
  5. Communicate information not only through text, but also through videos, photos, graphs, etc.
  6. There should be as much visual material as possible - it is most in demand on social networks.

7. Use social evidence

Users should build trust in your site, and this will force them to visit its pages again and again. For this, such social evidence as:

  • widgets of pages from social networks, which indicate the number of subscribers;
  • the column “They write about us”, in which you need to place logos of authoritative sites, resources, media, where at least once, even if briefly, your project is mentioned;
  • awards, project achievements;
  • publish real reviews about the project, indicate the place in the ratings.

8. Partnership

It means partnership with entrepreneurs working in related niches with which you are not direct competitors, but your audience is the same.

In order to establish such a partnership, it is necessary to take several small steps:

  • identify adjacent niches. So, for photographers these will be photo equipment stores, album printing services, photographs, etc .;
  • prepare a proposal for cooperation;
Advice! In the proposal, you must first indicate the benefits for your potential partners, and then talk about your own benefits (if you need to talk about them at all)!

  •  Specify the conditions and form of cooperation. This may be advertising your resource on the partner’s pages, mutual placement of banners, etc. For example, one of our partners is the Kuponika service: now all the discounts of your city on one site are kuponika.ru

9. Constantly generate new content

To ensure the flow of organic traffic, be sure to create new content that will be interesting to visitors to your site. Use relevant keywords in your articles. To post articles, create a separate section - a blog.

10. The semantic core will increase coverage

Pay particular attention to keyword selection. They should be as relevant as possible to your subject. Use keywords on every single page of the site.

Successful website promotion largely depends on a correctly composed semantic core.

11. Pay attention to optimizing old content

Take advantage of special thematic services, including:

  • semrush.com;
  • serpstat.com;
  • ahrefs.com.
With their help, you can find the "weak" places of your site - those words that are not included in the TOP-10. On certain pages, add as much useful and important information as possible to users.

Note! Search robots are still those entertainers. They really like updated and revised content published instead of outdated material.

12. Analyze the target audience

Analysis, analysis and more analysis - it is necessary for effective SMM-promotion. And this option to attract traffic is quite rational. In addition, it is social networks that allow you to get information about your target audience. Such information will get to understand exactly how to attract traffic and what methods to work with it to implement.

13. Create new products

Learn the real needs of your target audience and focus on them, launch a new, relevant product. This can be a rational addition to an existing service. It is noteworthy that you can safely charge a fee for using this add-on. And to attract new users into such a peculiar new conversion funnel, to make profit from them.

Note! People value their time. And if within the framework of one site they will receive as much as possible goods and services, this will save their time. They will not need to go to other sites. Since everything they need, they can get on your site.

14. Organize online courses

Firstly, it is in demand. Secondly, it is fashionable. Studying on the Internet - what could be better? Create content dedicated to a specific topic or individual keywords in your chosen topic. In the end, this can be another source of income for you. For example, our course on creating a site from scratch now gives us 50% of the studio’s turnover

15. Write and post guest articles

You can not even doubt that there are resources on the Internet whose subject matter corresponds to yours. Naturally, they also have your audience. Write guest articles - such materials are beneficial for another site because you share useful and free content. For you - because the article will have a link to your resource!

But in addition to posting guest articles on third-party sites, take them on your own. It is best to publish material not from direct competitors.

16. Make infographics: it flies perfectly on the Internet.

Infographic is one of the most trending methods of delivering information. If you do not have your own designer, find someone with these skills on freelance sites.

Believe me, infographics will attract visitors to your site. After all, all people, one way or another, but think precisely with pictures. And not everyone wants to read huge canvases of texts.

17. Link outsourcing will give you a free link rating

Don't be scared by the name. The essence of the method is simple - post links to your site in forums or in comments on other resources. No time or desire to do it yourself? Hire a person!

18. Post Pinterest pictures: these are both links and live traffic

A relatively new, but already very popular resource with quite a lot of weight for ranking. Save pictures from your site to whiteboards on Pinterest. Add descriptions to them. Also use keywords specific to your site and use them to target images.

19. Use VK to the fullest

There is no need to talk about the popularity of this social network. The main audience is up to 30 years old. If you focus on the same, feel free to use social networks to attract an audience. Moreover, as studies say, the age and solvency of the bulk of network users is increasing every year.

20. Do not underestimate Twitter. Google especially loves links from it

Search robots respect the links to a site hosted on this network. To get started, at least just post tweets in the site’s account with links to articles. This will give growth!

21. Post LinkedIn information about yourself - here are the most professional contacts

Linkedin.com is literally becoming more and more popular every month. This is a special social network, focused primarily on business people. A great way to promote and get organic traffic is to link your site’s account with employee profiles. Then, when publishing materials, a large number of people will see them.

23. Be one touch from your audience with Telegram

Create a channel of your resource in this messenger. Gradually gain subscribers. This will drive traffic to the site. Note that in Telegram it is convenient to make posts.

24. Adapt the site for mobile devices. More than 60% already from mobile devices

The site must be adaptive for different devices. This increases the usability of it. If you do not pay attention to adaptability, you will lose a solid part of the audience, accustomed to using mobile devices.

25. Set up targeted social media ads

Firstly, it is cheaper than Google. Secondly, there are a lot of those who use only social networks, bypassing regular sites and search engines. So why lose this audience? Moreover, targeted advertising can be customized depending on several indicators:

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