100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 4

100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 4

The most detailed instruction on how to attract traffic to the site from all possible sources! Presenting 100 real ways! part 4

89. Micro-layout of the site

To make the snippet more visible in the search engine results, implement micro-markup on your resource. This is not difficult to do, and the effect is noticeable!

90. Reposts, reposts, reposts ....

Be sure to post links to your content on social networks. Lead theme groups across all networks. If you do not have the opportunity and time for this, hire a person for such work. And let him be sure to monitor and analyze user activity.

91. Comment on the posts!

If users leave comments under posts, tweets, be sure to respond to them. So you show users that their opinion is important to you. And draw other people into the conversation.

92. Viber gives direct live contact with customers

A very popular messenger. So why not take advantage of its capabilities? If you have a database of the phones of your clients, audience, be sure to send messages, share useful and important information for users!

93. SMS out of date? Nope

In general, just like in the case of Viber, only sending via standard SMS messages familiar to many.

94. Design a website design

It should be unusual, but functional and comfortable. This is the only way to attract and retain users to the site. Attract visitors with a truly unique, original design.

95. Page 404 can help your site

Make a truly original, interesting page with a 404 redirect! Visitors will appreciate your work!

96. Cards for the convenience of your customers

Be sure to include the address and location of your office, if you have a physical address where users can come. Post this information on all map services.

97. Word of mouth

This is the most high-quality, effective and useful traffic. But to achieve it is really only really thorough work! To the seventh sweat, to sleepless nights!

98. News partner

Search engines offer a wide variety of services. For example, if you wish, you can become a news partner of the Yandex search engine. How to do it? Finding information about this is not difficult! By becoming such an affiliate, you will receive another source of traffic.

99. Love the site!

With all my heart and soul. Love, holt, cherish. Invest money, time, knowledge, labor in its promotion. And it will bring results. Believe me!

100. Become truly useful to users!

The site should be as useful as possible to users. Only in this way can he attract a large number of people. And this traffic will be organic, effective!
For this you need:

  • write useful articles;
  • come up with motivational headlines;
  • Introduce unique services useful to your audience
  • etc.
That is, to do everything so that users do not just come to the site, but stay on it for as long as possible!

101. Organize competitions

A great way to increase the number of pages indexed by search engines is to compare two products / services. How to do it? Compete between them!
Create a page with two essentially similar products / services and ask visitors to vote for a particular product.
“And what's so tricky here?” You ask. And everything is very simple - the competition will not allow to identify the winner, because with each page load the goods / services on it will change.
For example, Zappos, through the introduction of this method, has increased search traffic by 10%.

102. "Technique of a skyscraper"

Answer honestly - have you ever thought about the height of skyscrapers? For example, how tall is the 5th tallest skyscraper in the world or the 3rd? Often, people, if they are interested in such issues, they relate to the highest buildings.
Which, in principle, is logical, since everyone is attracted only by the best in their field - the tallest houses, the fastest cars ....
This is the "technique of a skyscraper." Its essence is quite simple. But, perhaps because of this simplicity, few people think about it.
Look for material that is popular on the network - the number of comments and sharing on social networks will indicate its demand among users. To make sure that the material is really popular, use the LinkTally service - it accurately shows how many users published the link to the material on social networks.
Having looked at the idea, try to refine it in order to realize it much better. For example, you saw an article: "11 ways to increase site traffic." Your task is to work out the topic in more detail, delve into it and prepare the material "27 ways to increase site traffic."
The next step is to submit the prepared material correctly. To get more traffic, make links to other resources in the article, and also ask users to distribute the article on social networks.
“Skyscraper technique” is effective. Although it is important that the following condition is met - your article should really be useful, but it is many times better than the material you took as a basis.

103. Search Persons

Well-known Western blogger, author of high-profile articles on online marketing, Neil Patel once wrote: "More is not always better." The phrase was uttered by him after trying to increase the search traffic of his resource.
And there is truth in his words. He once wrote a very entertaining and cool article in which he talked about ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram. His article in just one month received 120 thousand views from visitors coming from search engines. Not to mention the large number of sharing and likes.
But, despite the staggering performance, Neil did not receive any noticeable benefits. Since all the search traffic was inappropriate, and users did not become Neil’s blog subscribers or his clients. That is, the number of blog subscribers and the number of customers after writing the material has not changed.
What is the reason for the failure? It's simple - at the time of publication of the material Neil had no idea who his ideal client was.
Therefore, based on the foregoing, we make a simple conclusion - to get high-quality, targeted traffic, you should understand what your search person is. To do this, create “portraits” (yes, there may be several) of ideal clients, and only after that write articles, strictly focusing on your target audience. Believe me, the changes - tangible - will immediately appear.

104. Borrow, but do not steal!

By the way, there is another secret - in order to get traffic, content of our own production is not needed at all.
So, to get good results, it is enough to become a curator of the content of another person. And even in this case, get more than with yourself

105. Key Collector or Slovoeb

Collecting key queries sometimes takes a lot of time. Especially - if the project is large-scale. However, even for one large article, choosing keywords is not so simple. Therefore, if you want to save time and get the most out of the material, select the keys using these two programs.

106. Responses to conflicting articles

Every day a lot of interesting articles are published. Among which are many controversial, debatable. Find such material and write an answer to it, clearly and reasonably expressing your point of view.
And be sure to make sure that the author of the article to which you write the answer knows about your work!

107. Do not forget to promote yourself offline

Offline advertising also works. Do not neglect this way of promoting yourself and your products / services. Print the name of the site, a link to it on various products:

  • Flyers;
  • Business cards;
  • in newspapers, etc.
Also place links on company cars, give radio ads, and make a branded product.

108. Look for new opportunities.

Do not constantly use the same method when trying to break through a wall! Be sure to look for and use new opportunities to get results. Open new horizons and boldly, do not be shy and not afraid, experiment! This is the surest way to success, getting high-quality, targeted traffic!

109. Try all the features of Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo service allows you to find the most popular articles on a specific topic. The service has a paid and free version, but even the second option, which has certain limitations, will let you know what materials are most often shared by users.
To get the necessary information, go to the site:
on the main page in the search field write a topic that attracts you;
click on the search button;
and - voila! A table with the data appears in front of you - it shows the most popular articles on your chosen topic.
Now you need to study the material provided to determine which articles are the most interesting for you.
For example, it may be material on SEO promotion, which presents a lot of interesting ideas and quotes from experts. Now your task is to write your own manual, but with the obligatory reference to the material found and using expert opinion.

After the material is prepared, contact the authors of the article that you took as a basis. Tell them that you used their material to prepare your own content and ask (politely and correctly) to share it on your social networks.

Use the Buzzsumo service to see who most often shared the materials on the basis of which you wrote your article. To do this, click on the View Sharers button. This will allow you to understand who else might be interested in your article.

Note! However, this will let you know what the article shared on Twitter, so if you do not use this social network, this method will not help you.

The service has one significant minus. It is focused primarily on Western sites. Finding interesting and useful information, articles from the Russian-language segment of the Internet is very problematic.

A bit about the unusual: “indecent” ways to drive traffic

Now there are few so-called "indecent" ways to attract traffic and user attention. In principle, there is nothing “illegal” in them, but they are rather unusual. And now you will understand why.

1. Site Layout

This method has long established itself in traffic arbitration. That is, in the case when the site is attracted not entirely motivated traffic. Well, for example, you often come across materials of a slightly strange subject - about flying guinea pigs, a grandmother repairing trucks or the same healing berries.

Of course, many such mysterious topics attract many people - they must click on the title and eventually get to the site, where an interview was published with the wife of a popular singer, who managed to lose 30 kilograms. Although the woman herself does not even suspect about this publication.

As a result, the public did not belong to such sites, they are aimed at increasing sales. The materials use all the best copywriting techniques that allow for the full and effective promotion of goods / services:

"Authoritative" opinion;

photo "before" and after "losing weight";

a detailed description of how the miracle product helps;

and the story of how suffering those who did not dare to buy such a product.

Although, of course, you need to be very careful with such sites, because in the end you can get, if not scammers, then those who still do not fully fulfill their obligations. For example, having promised something verbally, company representatives do not do this, but provide a minimal set of services. And even that is purely formal.

But in this case, I am not talking about this in order to scare or tarnish the scheme, but so that you understand its essence. That is, on different sites there is a lot of reviews posted, on which users gather for your resource.

How to use this method to honest and decent people that we are? Very simple! You need to understand what exactly can be of interest to people who are not yet interested in your product. And after that, create thematic pages, but point to them with real information - do everything honestly and transparently! For example, on a news site, post a comment on the benefits of your product.

In addition, you can not only purchase advertising, but also create content that is useful to readers - thematically suitable for a particular publication.

2. Cj sites for traffic exchange

"Technology" Cj means the exchange of visitors / audience between different resources. This method has proven itself in teaser networks. For example, it is actively used:

  • Marketgid
  • Redtram
  • SMI2.
The principle of this method is the method of increasing traffic. The traffic is multiplied by means of special laying pages. Advertising banners / links are placed there - such advertising leads the user to various resources. As a result, it turns out that a user who lands on an advertising site can make a few clicks on ads. All this will lead to an increase in traffic, since each advertising link indicated on the page is the same separate partner.

To significantly increase traffic to your site, you can contact, for example, services such as Roem or LookAtMe and agree on a direct traffic exchange. And make separate pages where announcements of the most attractive articles for users from the above resources will be placed.

Note! Here it is extremely important to arrange everything in such a way that the visitor clicks on the link of both resources. Then you will get two for one user at once - one from each resource.

3. Intelligent doorways

More experienced users who are familiar with this topic can raise an eyebrow in surprise and doubt my competence. Since there is an established opinion that doorways are very, very bad.

Yes, perhaps I agree with you. This is bad. Until then, when it comes to meaningful doorways. Yes, there are some! And they represent only an entry point for certain, but completely real information corresponding to the search needs of the visitor.

Note! Yes, we ourselves very often create doorways. Just don’t think about it. For example, when you place an advertisement for the sale of an old iron on a popular service - the same OLX - you can easily attract people from a search engine. Or by posting a photo of your wet cat with the caption “Washed your pussy,” you can attract lustful perverts.

To create meaningful doorways from social networks or under YouTube videos, you need to know which keywords are of interest to your target audience. Using them, you will be guaranteed to attract search traffic.

4. Creation of multi-landings

Landig-page tightly entered our lives. Very tight. They appear standing

nno. Their advantages are difficult to overestimate. But, like any phenomenon, negative traits appeared - in the last few months a lot of template landings have proliferated.

They tell how bad it will be for a person if he does not buy a certain product or does not use a certain service. Such landing pages have the same content:

  • product photo;
  • fake reviews;
  • comparison with disgusting quality competitive products;
  • feedback form.
The creators of such landing pages are so "wretched" that they can put photos of deceased celebrities in the reviews of "users", thinking that site visitors will not notice the catch.

Advice! Before trying not yourself a product / service from such a landing, try to find as much information as possible about the creators of the products. Most likely, you cannot find anything concrete or even more positive.

I do not urge you to do just such landing pages, but I want to focus on the fact that one-page pages will become more and more popular. Due to their high conversion.

But it’s best to do multi-leasing. The essence of this kind of one-page users is that they change (!) Their design, appearance, depending on what kind of search query the user entered on the site. Believe me, this is very cool and will increase the conversion even more!

The technology itself came from the doorways mentioned above. Where TDS is often used, this type of functionality has been used here for several years. And brings success!

To summarize: what traffic is better and cheaper?

As you can see, there are many ways to drive traffic to your site. You may already be successfully using some of the methods described. However, I’m sure they learned a lot.

Naturally, not all of these methods will be relevant for you or work on your site. But in order to get a real result, be sure to use the new useful information received in practice. The more methods you use, the more volume traffic you get.

If this article interests you, it has become useful for you, but you want to know how to increase the number of visitors using the capabilities of each individual source described above, write about it in the comments.

If I understand that you are really interested in this topic, I will definitely write new and interesting articles in the near future.

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