100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 2

100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 2

The most detailed instruction on how to attract traffic to the site from all possible sources! Presenting 100 real ways! part 2

26. Run contextual advertising in Google and Yandex

According to experienced specialists in the field of contextual advertising, the best option for its use is for conversion-oriented keywords. This makes it possible to get a new audience.

27. Turn on teaser ads: fast, cheap stream of people

If there is contextual, then there will certainly be a teaser. There are many possibilities for its placement. In principle, it can be considered a kind of targeted advertising placed on social networks.

28. Display advertising will provide contact with a specific audience of people.

Placed in affiliate networks:

  • Begun
  • Yandex;
  • Google et al
Compared with the "traditional" search advertising, the cost of a click here is significantly lower. Payment is provided for both one click and one thousand impressions.

29. Create Your Podcast

Another new and very popular trend. In order for podcasts to be in demand among your listeners, invite authoritative specialists who will be interesting to listen to on their record.

Start your own podcast first, and only then start targeting those who produce audio content. So you have the opportunity to get into the producers' shows.

30. Buy quality links

An old, widely known, but still equally effective method. After all, the more sites link to your resource, the higher its performance. And the higher it will be in search results, which is logical.

Feel free to get links to your site from pages whose content matches your theme.

31. Use Outbrain / Taboola

There are specialized resources created specifically for the promotion and promotion of content. With their help, you can easily increase the number of real, live visitors to your site, and you can also efficiently and quickly multiply the volume of links.

The essence of the functioning of such services is to attract visitors by providing them with exactly the content that interests them. A special algorithm for generating collections on a specific topic is provided.

32. Increase the speed of the site

A fast site obviously receives significantly more organic traffic. This is due to the fact that a fast site search robots process and index much faster.
To increase the speed of the site, you must:

  • switch hosts;
  • Optimize code if aggressive caching is used.

33. Increase the semantic core

Analyze your keywords again. Enlarge the semantic core. Create new high-quality content for new key queries. Traffic will definitely increase.

34. Set up the lead magnet

Want to create a contact list in order to use it for e-mail newsletters? Promise users something interesting, valuable, attract them with a prize draw. Use PopUp pop-ups to inform your users. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you will scare away visitors.

35. Grab an entire niche using satellite sites

Your resource is dedicated to a certain niche, but do you work in other areas? Create several thematic sites focused on specific areas. Use them to redirect traffic to each other.

Of course, you will have to reveal the cards and admit to users that you own all of these sites. However, this is a reasonable method!

36. Launch a series of webinars

As with courses, you can attract a fairly large audience. The advantage of webinars is that they are shorter - if the courses can be extended for several weeks, then the webinar is two to three hours. Therefore, it is much easier to assemble an audience.

37. Long word targeting

Is your site not too strong? Try targeting long words with less than 50 queries per month. But such requests are much easier to navigate.

This will allow you to get a complete database of content, thanks to which you will advance on much more competitive terms.

38. Share your experience

Do you have any knowledge? Do not keep them to yourself, share with others. Post your experience as a slide show and post it online. Believe me, such materials are quite in demand and popular. And lead to increased traffic.

39. Speak at conferences

If you like new acquaintances, love communication and you have something to say, speak at conferences where your target audience gathers.

By the way! A good option is to become seminar organizers that will attract new users.

In your speeches, you can provide complete information about your product to potential customers.

40. Issue information digests

Such digests will inform users about the news in your niche - not necessarily about your site, but about the entire niche as a whole. Digests can be:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly.
If you manage to create interesting content that is attractive and useful to users, such digests will have a large number of subscribers.

41. Provide stock information

Information about promotions and discounts

Form a database of contacts and send information about promotions to clients and visitors of your website by e-mail. You can also provide all other useful and important information for customers. For example, about replenishment of the catalog, etc. This newsletter will motivate visitors to return to your site.

42. Use Slideshare

Slideshare.net is a good service designed specifically for posting and distributing presentations. Which helps to attract customers to the site.

Note! Presentation data involves the use of a minimum of text, but a large number of illustrations.

In addition, the created presentation can be placed on your resource. Such visual content will appeal to users who love visualization.

43. Advertising on similar sites

On sites that are similar to yours, but are not direct competitors, it is worth and need to place advertising.

44. Retain users

As sad as it may be, some of the users who are attracted to the site will leave it. Some forever. For different reasons. Some will come several more times to make a purchase. Therefore, it is important to keep them.

45. Remarketing / retargeting will return those who have doubts

Lack of repeated displays of advertising - money down the drain. Be sure to focus on those who have already been on your site, but left it!

46. ​​Add to catalogs

They give a result. Required. The main thing is to find those that are perfectly indexed by search engines.
47. Learn web analytics and it will change your business
Be sure to use web analytics tools to determine your user behavior.

48. Use competitors keywords

You can even use branded keywords. It is noteworthy that in Adwords makes it possible to bid on many competing company terms.

49. Allow me to follow comments

If your CMS allows this, be sure to allow users to subscribe. In addition, there are a number of tools that literally “absorb” email addresses, which will enable you to send certain information to them.

50. Remind yourself of users who have abandoned the full basket

It often happens that users fill the basket, but do not complete the purchase. Send a reminder to such individuals. Perhaps it will come just in time, when the user has already made the final decision to make a purchase.

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