100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 3

100 ways to attract traffic to your site from everywhere part 3

The most detailed instruction on how to attract traffic to the site from all possible sources! Presenting 100 real ways! part 3

51. Communicate with the audienceCommunication with the target audience

People love it when they pay attention. Therefore, try to establish contact with users:
ask questions;
offer them useful products, information;
provoke discussions.
And never, hear, never ignore user questions!

52. Install social media widgets

Be sure to put social networking widgets on the site. This will greatly simplify the user’s dissemination of information from your site. Anyway - the presence of such widgets will motivate the distribution of content.

53. Place yourself on price aggregators

There are many popular price aggregators. For example, the following stand out:

  • Hotline
  • Price.ua.
Place your goods, if, of course, you have an online store, on such resources. This will attract more users. In addition, it is possible to advertise on such aggregators.

54. Create a viral ad

If you manage to create truly viral content, the flow of audience to your site is guaranteed. Although, I must admit, this is not easy to do!

55. New services can change your business in 1 day

Be sure to introduce something new, interesting, which will increase the usability of the site. For example, a calculator, currency converter, etc. Naturally, focus on the theme of your site and the needs of visitors.

56. Manage your reputation

Work as much as possible to create a positive image of your brand. If there is negative information regarding your site, company, try to understand the situation, correct the situation. The fewer negative reviews, the higher your position!

57. Make quality internal optimization

Be sure to carry out internal site optimization. To do this, first audit the site to understand what needs to be done. By improving internal optimization, you will achieve:

  • Improving the visibility of the site for search robots;
  • improving user behavioral factors;
  • significantly increased traffic.

58. Do A / B site testing on an ongoing basis

The principle of such testing involves comparing one specific, so-called key indicator of your resource with several other modified data.
The purpose of such manipulations is to significantly increase a certain behavioral factor.

59. Wikipedia is waiting for information about you

Why not talk about your website, company on Wikipedia? After all, the site is open for publication and editing! But user confidence in your resource will increase.

60. Give an interview: this is an interesting experience.

Articles in the form of dialogue, in a question-and-answer format, are always interesting. And the more authoritative the respondent, the more interesting the material, the more traffic! Create an interview!

61. Follow instructions for any explanation.

Make life easier for users - create instructions:

  • how to use the site;
  • how to perform certain operations;
  • how to perform certain actions.

62. Storytelling will carry your CA into the world of your business.

To better influence your audience, do not just provide information, but publish it in the form of stories. Even fictional! But such a presentation is much more interesting and gives more impact.

63. Demonstrate Successful Cases
A case is a professional experience that you share with users. Believe me, people are very interested. Real stories about how to achieve results in a particular area are in great demand among users.

64. Surveys will help to know Central Asia

Survey is an interesting and rational way to explore the needs of your audience. In addition, interesting questions on relevant topics attract users to the site!

65. Sensations ... Is it really so difficult?

... intrigues, investigations! Another old, but kind and effective method of attracting users to the site. Use inviting headlines, phrases, pictures. This motivates the user to go to your site.

66. Disqus will enable you to chat on your site.

Good platform for comments. Very convenient to use, has a number of functions, which simplifies its use. Also gives a linking between articles.

67. Befriend

Collaborate and collaborate. With partners, with customers, with competitors. Lead an active and friendly lifestyle. Feel free to ask, be sure to help. So you will build an image of an open person for your image! Believe me, this is also very useful in promoting the site, business, attracting customers and target audience to the site.

68. Make translations

Translation of foreign publications
English-language sites publish a large number of interesting and useful materials. Therefore, do not neglect them, translate and publish. Do not forget to put links to the source - this will increase your credibility in the eyes of visitors. If you can’t do the translation yourself, hire a translator!

69. Organize social events

Offline - Offline. For example, help children from the orphanage, plant trees, build a sandbox. Thus, you will motivate people to talk about you, create relevant content!

70. Put links in accounts

Wherever you have an account, put the links on the site:

  • in social networks;
  • in instant messengers;
  • in email signature etc.

71. The power of forums

Forums are still alive. Find thematic resources and write there, indicate your site, give links to articles on your blog. Forums are a good way to get a user to the site.

72. QR code in the service of your resource

Where possible, post codes with a link to your site. Believe me, it really works.

73. Competitors rating will give a chance to become a leader in the niche.

Analyze your competitors. This will allow you to understand who you are overtaking, and to whom you are losing and why. You will receive information on what needs to be done to achieve the level of leaders in your niche. Or what to do to break away from those competitors who breathe in the back!

74. Write books!

Seriously! No need to write works in several volumes. Just write a small brochure on a topic that you understand. For example, “How to create an online store”, “How to trade fresh cherries” and so on. Depending on your knowledge and experience. You can distribute the book among subscribers to your site, as well as through the Google Book service.

75. Advertising in off-line publications, on TV and on radio

Yes, more and more people are getting information from the Internet. But there are many who still adhere to the "canonical" media:

  • print media;
  • radio;
  • television.
Advertising in such media is a great investment. If you choose the right newspapers or programs, that is, those that your potential customers read or watch.
Note! Advertising on big boards, in meters, remains effective.

76. Spam, doorways, cloaking

Using such methods to bring the site to a leading position is quite realistic in a relatively short time. However, remember that these methods are not entirely “clean”. And for them you can get into a real ban from search engines. Then you have to wait quite a while until the site leaves the ban.

77. Use a unique style.

You must be unique, attract customers, visitors with something special, unique. Custom style always interests people! Create it!

78. Truly Strong Content

Do not chase the amount of content. Pay attention to quality. Publish articles less often, but make them really interesting. Super interesting! So that the user literally swallows them and shares material on social networks. Pay attention to headings, work through them, make text structured!

79. Expand topics

Extend the theme of your blog. Write to more topics. If you can’t do it yourself, invite the author from the outside! Believe me, it will be justified!

80. Google Alerts will instantly notify you of updates

To receive new ideas, simply subscribe to search queries on topics of interest to you. When receiving the newsletter, be sure to read the materials. There you will definitely find a lot of interesting and useful things for yourself.

81. Forum on the site

Yes, forums are slowly becoming obsolete, but still they can be useful. Create such a platform for communication on your site. Still, users are interested in communicating with each other, literally, live. This will also positively affect the level of traffic, because visitors will come to the site to share their opinions.

82. Write for other sites

Becoming an author for other sites, preparing unique and really interesting content for them, you will familiarize users with their activities.

83. Portfolio

What for? It's simple - attracting new users, you will already know what you show them. His previous work, achievements. Believe me, this convinces much more than words.

84. Reviews

The “Reviews” section should actually be on any site. Firstly, it will give organic traffic - people who are looking for reviews on your product, product, service will come to it. Secondly, you will provide more information about your product, services - in addition, information provided by other people. This is very valuable information!
Note! You can clean reviews at any time, getting rid of unpleasant. Not fair? Fair! This is your site and it is up to you to decide what will be published on it!

85. How to drive traffic through calls to action

For any variation of content, use a call to action. Be it an article, post or announcement, advertisement. Calls can be very different. For example, simple and commonplace - asking to subscribe to a page on a social network. Or a more creative, unusual, promising gift for an action. Just don't overdo it.

86. Decorate posts

Make posts beautiful, interesting. Add a photo to the text. Structure the text. Put the geolocation. The more of these chips you use, the more beautiful the post will be! The greater will be the return on it!

87. Let's get discounts for likes.

Ask users to like and repost your posts, and in return offer them any discounts. Or gifts.

88. Quotes! They are already believed

Be sure to use authority quotes in your niche in your materials. And indicate authorship. Expert opinion is always valuable to users. So you increase the credibility of your resource!

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